C o p y r i g h t    S h a n n a    D u f f y  2 0 1 4
but I still miss my two sisters & Boston accent very much. 

I Love Hiking, camping & animals & won't hesitate to pick up bugs or snakes. Whenever we can find time we are in the woods
 I obsess over all things fashion, especially shoes! 

On any given Sunday 
you can 
find me rolling around on floor screaming at Tom Brady
.Go PATS!!!.
I recently resumed a mostly vegan lifestyle for health and because of my life-long passion for animal rights and welfare. 
I have been a rock collector for about 15 years. 
Second to photography, cooking is my other passion, I enjoy cooking healthy gourmet meals for my family everyday. 
My dog is HUGE ...and more famous than the weatherman
Koy rescued this little guy from the side of the road in 2012. Ever since, Koda has been my constant companion, my shadow. 
We bought our first home, and started a garden last year, we have a lot to learn!

I'm a sucker for a good Love Story, I cry just a little at every wedding. The Vows, and father-daughter dances get me every time! 
Email is my preferred method of communication, I am socially awkward, and just better at writing my thoughts than speaking them. 
I only 


 Professionally, But 
 Always Try to Find Time For Personal Work/ Projects. 
G  a  l  l  e  r  yC l i e n t sB l o g T e s t i m o n i a l sC o l l e c t i o n sC o n t a c tA b o u t

Sunday-Monday is mY weekend.  I spend lots of time Netflix watching Breaking Bad, Orange is the new Black, Shameless, and Bollywood movies.
Need I say More?
Even though 
Peanut Butter 
is one
of my favorite 
foods EVER. 
I am petrified of it when it's wet....is that weird?
Some of my bucket list includes:

- Being a Jeopardy Contestant 

- Visiting every State in the US

- To be a part of something bigger

- Visit every National Park

- Visit New Orleans for Coffee+Beignets

- Complete a personal photo project

-Gallery Show for Charity

-Hug the Naked Cowboy in NYC

-Complete an eating challenge

I grew up in Taunton MA, {pretty close to Boston} I've lived in the south for over ten years now, 
I LOVE Karaoke, and can spit rhymes like you wouldn't believe.
I follow every "Shanna Duffy" on Pinterest, because I want to see if we have things in common. 
Creepy huh?
Straight Gangsta ------>
 I drink over eight cups of french pressed coffee a day, & swear I can't see or hear until I've had my morning Joe.
Koy and I have a blended family, and are raising our six children together in Winston-Salem.
 I used to weigh over 300 lbs, but lost it with diet and exercise. 
I Started Bodybuilding in 2015 and I am obsesssed!